Friday, December 9, 2011

Charlie our Elf! 2011

The time has almost come to say goodbye to Charlie and the people most saddened by this little fact? Mom & Dad! With 3 days and 13 hours until  2 days and 14 hours a whole year until Christmas, we know we will miss our little friend when he heads  Now that he is back to the North Pole. We have had an absolutely delightful year and are thinking of binding Charlie's adventures into a book for the children to enjoy year round!
Charlie is our Elf on the Shelf! He has come to our family to report his findings to Santa! I've mentioned him before, but figured I would try and keep 1 post where I will just post all of his mischief! I will add new photos to the top of this post! Remember to check back daily! The photo of Charlie over on the left sidebar of this  <-------blog will take you right to this post!
Christmas Eve arrived and we found  Charlie Bungee Jumping with Garland from the loft! He is so silly, but he really knows how to make us all laugh! Charlie knew that we would all be sad, so he was found with a note left to our family and a picture of himself so that we don't forget him!

Charlie was found on the photo table, clutching the countdown clock that said only ONE MORE DAY! He also happened to toilet paper the living room! That sneaky elf certainly loves toilet paper! We found an entire roll pooled in the floor of the bathroom!

Charlie is a serious racer! He gets in to Mario Kart just as much as the boys do here! I think this was an all out challenge!


This morning we found that Charlie had raided the Marshmallows and rounded up some friends for an epic 

snowball fight! Of course he made sure his friends lacked the fort protection that he had! We certainly are 

going to miss all of Charlie's antics when the he heads back to the North Pole for the final time on the 24th!

As we rounded the corner into our kitchen this morning, we were welcomed by the sight of Charlie sitting on the counter with small footprints into some spilled flour. OOPS! Mommy had baked some bread in the breadmaker overnight and I had completely forgotten to put it away. Charlie of course could not help himself! Silly little elf.

As I turned around to begin serving the breakfast dishes, I almost slipped in THIS! That silly Charlie had made 'snow' angels out of flour on the floor of my kitchen!! The kids were stunned into silence and then slowly let out a giggle, but then they wondered who would clean up this mess??? Oh Charlie, how truly mischievous you are!!
Charlie was found at our kitchen table today! The children are over the moon wit the fact that he brought us a gingerbread village to decorate. It came with 5 houses, which means 1 for each of us!! We have a chance to see if these turn in to real houses and NOT a GINGERBREAD MOUNTAIN! Looks like we have our activity of the day!

Oh no! We caught him toilet papering our tree!!! The tree was covered in toilet paper and he managed to knock down a few of our prized ornaments! Good thing nothing was broken!

Looks like Charlie was hanging from Daddy's RC Helicopter and he had a crash landing! The kids thought this was absolutely hilarious and are planning to stay up late tonight and see if they will catch him doing it again! 

Uh-Oh! Charlie is starting to discover other areas of our home! Today he was spotted on Mommy's Bike in the garage! Was he sneaking out for a ride??

Cookie Capture! We found Charlie this morning munching on gingerbread men inside of the cookie jar!

Charlie Loves to read! He was caught reading The Polar Express and even spelled out a message to the children, using their oversized letter tiles! He gave them each a Bell that would only ring for those who believe!

That sneaky elf was spotted in our tree! He had brought the kids some fun posters to color all the way from the North Pole!

We collect Walt Disney World pins and keep them in a glass shadow box style case. This morning we noticed that Charlie was hiding inside!
Here we found that Charlie had gathered his buddies and started up a game of Scrabble! The best part was that the children had so much fun reading the words that their favorite stuffed animals had put together!

Charlie found his way into the office and was nestled on one of the tables with a picture book and vocabulary cards! Even elves love to read!

Charlie took my camera off it's charger and took photos of himself! He then replaced all the photos of the children with ones of himself!! 

Oh Charlie what have you done?! We caught him building a tower of cups from the chandelier! 

 One morning, we had found that he papered the Kiddie Bathroom! 

He ziplined from the dining room into the family room! This was one of our favorites to see him do! The children said he had the idea to move from one room to the other too late and he heard the front door open, so he had to freeze in place and didn't make it to the other side!!

Charlie had a blast emptying out our entire Advent Calendar of candies! The kids counted them all and concluded that Charlie ate quite a few!!

One morning, we found that he had built himself a castle that created a bridge over our race track that goes around the tree! The kids liked this home so much that they left it up, just in case he needs a place to rest!

This sneaky elf went to town on all of the photos in the Family Room! He drew silly doodles all over the faces and we even caught him red handed! (Marker Handed??)

2012 Elf on the Shelf Ideas Are HERE!
2013 the Elf did visit us, it was just a lot quieter on the blog with trying to homeschool for the first year and there was just so much going on. 2014 and he will be back on the blog with more fun adventures!!



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