Friday, December 2, 2011

Delightful December day 2!

Our next day of crafting was so much fun! We are a big fan of sensory tubs in this house, but they usually end up with extra pieces added in from around the house or missing pieces! My children are older, so they often times like to change up the theme on their own and do it often! YIKES!

When I came in to a large supply of these at the thrift store the other day, I knew I would use many for snacks, but then I had another idea all together! A fun series of mini sensory containers!! This way they cana easily be changed and still be so much fun!

We decided to go with a Winter theme, as I had some left over snow from a previous project! We dumped it in and then my little guy selected some miniatures from my container of fun little treasures!

We popped on the lid and SHOOK IT UP! Then he was free to see what he could spy! I covered his eyes after he looked at everything then SHOOK IT UP again! This time I had him pick out 1 item at a time and guess what it was! When the big kids came home from school, he asked them to play and he covered their eyes.



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