Monday, December 5, 2011

Delightful December Day 3 & A Creative Challenge!

Good Morning Friends!! What a super busy weekend, I will touch on that in another post, for now I share with you what we created with our Magazine Challenge from Tinker Lab! This being a child centered activity, I set out the above supplies and asked my kids what they wanted to do with what they saw. Many ideas floated around including BUTTON SNAKES, which are always popular. I told them to try and use the magazines in a fun way! Tearing out pages was number 1 of course and then my daughter emptied the jars and decided she wanted a pencil cup holder and the boys were happy to join in!

 Let's get started on this super fun and crazy easy project! Gather your materials:
1. Jars
2. Mod Podge & Brush for application
3. Buttons & Bells
4. Scissors
6. Pipe Cleaners

Have  your little ones start cutting! Tell them to cut out anything that they want as long as the images are fairly small. My kids started out with a bang and had fun, but eventually started getting silly when they couldn't find enough to suit their theme. The boys thought that was the end of the project and made an executive decision to just decorate 1 jar together. (Grandpa had just bought them an awesome new train set and they were determined to go and check it out!)

Time to spread mod podge all over your jar. My daughter is 6 and has no problems doing this alone. She ended up a bit sticky, but it was fun and it dries quickly and easy enough to just rub off.

She wanted to make a 'necklace' for the jar, so she strung buttons and bells, using a pattern. The boys came back this pattern play and then off they went, wearing their new 'bracelets' I could tell by the loud jingling where they were all day!

Autumn came to me to tie the necklace around the jar, but we decided to make it a tad bit bigger, so that it would slip on and off without being tied! This made it much easier for her to use it as a tambourine! hahah!!
Here you can see the jar completely empty and she plans on using it as a pencil holder on her desk when it's empty and the boys decided on a change jar.

For the Holiday Season, it sits with a Christmas Tree scented candle and now look close! It LIGHTS UP the magazine paper like a lantern! Of course, once they saw this, the boys were ready to get to work on theirs! Do you have fun with magazines?? Link up with us!

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