Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delightful December day 5! Wordy Ornaments

Another day in December is here and we are having so much fun exploring our craftiness together as a family. As many of you all know, I love to make even the smallest of activities a lesson in learning! There are so many ways to have fun and still educate yourself all at the same time! This small ornamental project was going to be a lesson in spelling! I wrote lists of Christmas Words on index cards and gave 1 to each child. They also had bowls of Scrabble Tiles on their tray.

The idea was to spell out each word on your index card and place them on your tray in any order you would like, so long as it still spelled the word properly. This part seemed the most fun to them as they explored their letter bowls, matched up tiles and then went on to spell words that were not on their cards.

They then searched my charm collection to match up charms for their ornaments and we glued away happily! We listened to Christmas Music and talked all about what the CHRISTmas Season means to us and how excited we are for our Lord's birth! We made many ornaments that can double as gift tags and even some that will be given to teachers and coaches!



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