Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Delightful December Day 4!

If there is one thing I love to collect, it's BUTTONS! I love buttons of all kinds, colors and shapes and sizes...With our crafting bug in full swing, I decided to show the kids how to make cute, colorful and fun gifts for their teachers, friends and family members using buttons! Today we attacked jewelry with a vengeance!

All you need to make simple button rings is a sturdy adhesive (We use E600) and buttons and your ring pad or even a brooch back! All can be found at your local craft shoppe. The most favorite thing for all of us to do was to sort the buttons! We laughed as we looked, chatted as we sorted and even tried to sneak away some of our favorites so that they wouldn't be used (okay, only i did that!!). The kids were then told to stack the buttons 2 or 3 high with the larger one on the bottom to form a steady Christmas tree of sorts! It's that simple.
Sort, Stack, Glue, Dry, Wear!

Some of our Creations!
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