Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Delightful December day 7! Gingerbread House Fun!

The Christmas Season has always meant gingerbread houses! I love the simplicity of this project and how much family time it seems to bring about. As my children get older, I try to make this 1 activity last a few days, with multiple related activities! LOL! We start by coloring a gingerbread house page. It always starts as a 'map' of what their houses will look like, but of course never really seems to work out! Hahaha!
I like to serve the candies in kid sized cups and portions, this way little mouths don't get too full of candy during the project! If more is needed, no big deal to grab more! We use marshmallow fluff and frosting. They both make a glue like bond when they harden. The Fluff is more soft and snow-like and the frosting hardens like a rock.

A Milk carton base is a MUST, little kids LOVE to load on the candy and the weight is just too much on the graham cracker house alone. This also give the children something sturdy to push down on as they SHOVE the candy into the sides of the house! We learned this trick 3 years ago at a school decorating event!!

My daughter loved making small houses for the gingerbread pets! She had a lot of fun using the fluff and then decorating them, but her fun was stopped short when her little brother began to slowly sneak 1 candy at a time away from her houses!

I'm wondering at what point our Gingerbread House, became a candy mountain?! There are no doors, windows or even a chimney! They all seemed have just went crazy with the frosting and candy!!

Our next project is making gingerbread men cookies to line up around the house in 'snow'! First we will color our own gingerbread men and see what we would ideally want our cookies to look like.

As I began to clean up the leftovers, I noticed that both boys had of course made graham cracker, frosting and candy sandwiches! They were unlucky that I noticed, but lucky enough to have already eaten 1 each! All in all, we are having fun times together creating memories that will last many years to come, even if the candy doesn't last long at all!

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