Monday, December 12, 2011

Delightful December day 6! Caps Caps Caps

Hello friends! I trust your weekend went well. It was busy as always but still fun. I cannot believe how chilly the weather is getting here in the midwest, I just may have to break out my Winter coat soon! After our Thanksgiving getaway, we put up our Christmas decorations and got ourselves into the Holiday Spirit! The children each have their own Christmas tree and we decided to let them make their own this year! We have quite the cap collection from all of our crafts, that i decided we would create ornaments with caps!
We gathered stickers, glitter, markers, mod podge, my hand drill, paper clips or pipe cleaners (for the ornament hook) and covered our work spaces with mats (I bought several packs of flexible cutting boards at the dollar store!)

Drill a hole at the top and then place your pipe cleaner or paper clip at the top for your hook and get ready to decorate! Use markers to draw your design, stickers as the centerpiece and then mod podge over them! Add the glitter into the mod podge to make your ornaments sparkly!

They dry super fast and are so much fun!!! Enjoy your week everyone!



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