Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunar Eclipse!

This morning my oldest son and I were able to get up early and catch the Lunar Eclipse! We are lucky that the house sits on a hill and were able to catch most of it, but due to the moon setting, we of course could not see the entire show.
Yesterday, in preparation for this event, we read information from THIS SITE so that he could understand what all he was seeing. We loved doing the research together and though I invited my other 2 children to join us, it seemed that he was the only one truly interested! 
After the moon set in our area, we went online HERE to see the entire eclipse live so that we could catch up on any parts that we missed due to living in the Midwest. It was an amazing sight that brought up a lot of questions!

A hot chocolate bar awaited us as we discussed what we had seen and researched even more. I love when I get to teach my little ones new things and together we go on to learn even more! Happy Saturday everyone!!! I feel like we already accomplished so much :)



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