Monday, December 19, 2011

Menu Plan Monday! Let's talk about Kids and Food...

Christmas break has already thrown me off! I cannot believe how quickly the weekend flew on in to Monday.   My lucky kids are all on break this week, so we enjoyed sunday by staying out very late at the movies and not getting home until midnight! YIKES!! I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.

Do you ever notice that a few cupcake picks and child sized portions can change a child's attitude toward eating? I chop things up tiny and put them in portion sized containers, add in some decorative flair and I never have a problem with my kids eating!

How about produce? Ever notice that it will sit and mold if you leave it in your fridge as it came from the Market? The minute I slice it up and put it into small, serving sized containers it's all gone. The very second I sit with a plate of fresh fruit salad, little hands reach in to take it all away piece by piece!
Moving on to the Menu! I'm attempting to keep all the meals kid-helper friendly, so that the littles can help me in the kitchen! Usually they are doing homework while I cook, but we are planning on changing it up a bit this week and doing homework in the morning.

Monday: Chicken Alfredo with a Garden Salad
Tuesday: Vegetable Alphabet Soup & Sandwich Bar
Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie with Fresh Baked Bread
Thursday: Cheese Enchiladas with Rice & Beans
Friday-Sunday: We are out for the Holidays eating with Family & Friends!

Enjoy your week my friends!

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