Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

While out on a coffee run, we stopped at a local charity shop and got quite lucky! We found this COMPLETE set of Melissa & Doug Dino Stamps set for .99! The original colored pencils were missing, but were replaced with a FULL set of CRAYOLA colored pencils! Of course the children all grabbed for those first when we sat down to work!
Combined with our Dinosaur coloring and informational books that they got for Christmas, it was a few hours of time well spent. As they stamped, they would ask what kind of dinosaur it was and someone else would look it up.

 The 2 big kids would take turns reading about that dinosaur and then they would draw appropriate surroundings!
Anything that keeps them playing together quietly and learning something new is something that gets an A+ from Mom, add in the simple fact that it was only .99 & we helped out a charity shop at the same time makes this 1.00 well spent! How are you spending thrifty thursday?

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