Friday, January 20, 2012

Bucket of Monkeys

Friday Fun Time! I've mentioned our Word Wall before & my kids love it. the new readers love to see what they can identify on the wall & the seasoned readers love to help out. I decided to make this wall do more than just sit there (surprise, surprise) and we have turned it in to a game! I picked up a pack of cardstock Monkeys at the teacher store and wrote letters on their belly. I bought 2 packs so that there were a lot of letters! This game can be played many ways:

1. Pick a sight word. Spell it out with the monkeys.
2. Everyone gets 6 cards and you take turns spelling words from the hand you have. (keeping 6 cards in        
    your hands at the start of each turn).
3. Spell a word with the monkeys (big kids) and have the little guy find it on the word wall.

There are so many more ways to play, but you get the idea! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!



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