Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloud Dough Fun!

What are you making today? We made cloud dough! After reading Tinkerlab's  post about this awesome stuff, I just knew it was something we had to try. When crafts are made from the most basic ingredients that are already in your shelves, it's a MUST DO! For a small amount, all you need is 4 cups of four and 1/2 cup of baby oil that's it!! Mix it up and you have some very loose play dough, but it still sticks together wonderfully. 
This was the perfect activity for 3 little ones that didn't want to do too much being sick. Bringing smiles to their faces was so much fun and great to watch. They loved testing out different methods, containers and other goodies from the kitchen.

We tested out what would happen when we colored it and noticed that the food coloring made little blobs of color. We had so much fun experimenting with different things and seeing the reaction we would get with the dough. 
Autumn decided that she wanted to make it all in to a volcano, so they grabbed a beaker and put it right in the center of the tray and covered it up with the dough.

A funnel inserted in to the beaker allowed for easy pouring of vinegar and baking soda. We had a FABULOUS volcano, I just wish we had dyed the vinegar, so that we would be able to see the reaction that we had in color! Definitely try this activity if you get a chance!

It's National Semi Sweet Chocolate Day!
Join us in making up a batch of cookies for your loved ones to share and chat over.



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