Thursday, January 12, 2012

Make A Sorting Tray!

Sorting activities are some of the most fun for little ones! Do you know how easy it is to create your own sorting tray? I picked up a handful of these Chip & Dip servers from the TARGET Dollar spot and we were ready to roll! Taking a used math worksheet with pictures of coins on them, I cut them out and taped them down. Small Letter Stickers allowed me to spell out SORT in the center and then I added a large pair of gripping tweezers. Fine Motor Skills at work here along with working on their sorting! LOVE IT!

I made a coin sorting tray, because my daughter got a bank for Christmas that keeps track of how much she is putting in & the kids love to see if it's accurate! About once a week they like to dump it and count it & now this makes it easier for them and the youngest starts to learn the difference in coins and such!
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