Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Play!

Do your Littles want to play out in the snow, but you dread the thought of getting them all bundled up, only to have them freeze within 5 minutes and want to come inside? It often takes my little guys longer to get ready to go out, than we actually spend outside. I decided to bring the outdoors in, by filling a plastic drawer with SNOW & Fun Upcycled Toys and some other odds and ends from the kitchen.

When he got home from school, little Roman was SOOOO surprised he dove right in! There was a lot of filling, scooping and packing. He had so much fun, I had to remind him to put his gloves on. 

He remembered that seals eat penguins, so he grabbed some critters from our Safari Toob Animal bin and made up a fun play scene. There was a lot of action and even some stories being told. I really liked how much creative play was coming out of this.

He made ice cream for everyone, snowballs, igloos, forts and the like. Together we had so much fun exploring snow while staying warm! I think if Daddy hadn't been sick, he may have joined us too!
Using the cups we built snowmen, towers and castles. We figured out different ways to use the cups and decided which made the best 'bricks'. Yogurt cups seem to be the overall winner hands down!

Next time your yard looks like this, it's time to bring the snow INDOORS!!


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