Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow Table Play!

When we got word that our first snow (and only) of the season was on its way, I ran outdoors and lifted the lids of the small water table! We had emptied it of water at the end of the Summer and were ready to see what we could capture this Winter! The kids awoke to a table full of snow and they could not wait to play. All the water table toys came out and new fun was had. What a neat idea this had been. By the end of the day, all the snow had ended up on them and on the ground, the table was nearly empty and the children were exhausted! What more could a mommy ask for? Before night fall, I asked them to fill several of the water tub containers with water and leaves and other outdoor goodness and let them sit outdoors...

The next morning we brought the containers in for them to see and play with! They noticed that they had frozen over and were left to explore on their own. Here they sit over the heating vent to see how long it would take them to melt for a bit! Later they chiseled away at the ice, banged on it and even tried putting it in the microwave for a bit. We all had a lot of fun coming up with different things to do with the ice blocks.
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