Friday, January 13, 2012

Stamping Fun!

Hello all! We woke up to less snow than was expected today, the kids were a bit disappointed of course! When we made the attempt to head outdoors to play in the snow the kids quickly realized what 1 degree outside meant! LOL! It seriously took us longer to bundle up than it did to play outside.

As I made up some hot chocolate, we set up a basket of stamps and let the kids have fun stamping randomly with no idea in mind at all. They had so much fun.

Don't have any stamps at home?? Use pencil erasers! They make some of the best stamps and can make flowers, balloons anything you can think of! Don't have any ink? Color the pencil erasers with washable markers! In between colors wipe them clean with a wet wipe. There is always a way to have fun!



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