Monday, January 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all are faring well that the weekend treated you with nothing but kindness and warmth! I have a sick little at home with a fever today so although the weekend was nice and relaxing, today should be crazy. I would like to share a few of my favorite things with you today! This first one is easy, Marshmallows are a favorite among the Littles here and I like getting creative with the ones I do find. When I found these jumbo swirly ones, they looked like lollipop tops, so I turned them into one with a stick!

I absolutely ADORE these frame paper by Melissa & Doug! Each and every picture instantly becomes a masterpiece when finished! 

Using things in multiple ways has always been a passion of mine! Finding these heart-shaped erasers was great, when I turned them into Seasonal Counters at our 100 Chart Center! 

Self Check-Out at the Library has me SWOONING! Each child steps up with their own books and their CARD. Taking turns they learn about what books they are checking out and it helps them be more responsible since THEY checked them out.

Reading Centres make me smile! My daughter is developing a nasty cough, so our outdoor time has been limited today. Since she was getting a bit bummed, I put together a little Reading Nook for her with an old tent she hasn't used since she was about 3!

Science Stores have always become a favorite place of ours, but lately our daughter has been getting more and more in to it! With the installation of her SCIENCE LAB, she only wants to purchase Science things for her room. I Love the educational goodies she picked up this weekend with her gift card. I was quite amazed that she could fill up a cart and blow through a large amount of money in no time, she went in knowing what she wanted!

I love thrifty finds and this book is right up there on my list of great finds! .50 was an awesome price for a book that is offering us so much fun! What are some of your favorite things??

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