Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water Play...

It's no secret, kids love water! They love to squirt and splash and pour and spill! Knowing this, I quickly put an activity together that kept my little guy quite occupied for a long time! When the big kids came home from school, they too wanted in on the fun! I pulled out an ice cube tray (Dollar Spot at TARGET) and added water into each of the spots (half full), then I added food coloring into some of the spots and let it sit. I handed my little guy some eye droppers and let him play to his hearts content! There was squirting, squeezing and mixing and a lot of exclaiming! "MOM! A NEW COLOR!" "MOM LOOK AT THIS!" "OOPS, I spilled, BUT I SLURPED IT UP WITH THIS!" You get the idea!

He was having so much fun doing just this, I thought he would never tire of it, but eventually it was lunch time and he knew we were baking cookies, so he was able to leave it behind. As he headed to the kitchen, I grabbed the tray and tossed it into the freezer for part 2!

After eating and baking and cleaning up after our mess, I pulled out the ice tray and YAY! Colored ice cube play. I handed him a large set of Science Tweezers and he had a blast; playing, melting and even scooping them back in to the tray!

 As the ice melted another activity was set in motion! He took his bowl to the Science Lab and began pouring, mixing and playing! He added some more colors, some fresh water and used cups, spoons, funnels and test tubes! He used tubing and eye droppers and beakers. 
When he was done, big sister Autumn decided that she wanted to keep this liquid in hopes of using it in another future Science project! She poured the liquid in to a test tube and labeled it very scientifically "Red Stuff"! What fun we had with 1 little project that just kept multiplying!



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