Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine!

Roman's class is exchanging Valentine's & I knew just the ones we would work on, when I came across these travel packs of crayons at Joann for .50 EACH! We cleared out 2 stores worth and set out to create the cutest Valentines on a budget!

He is all about rainbows right now, so we snagged a rainbow image & added some fun wording. I was going to print them out on sticker labels, to make it easy to peel & stick on the packages but Roman had other plans! He wanted to cut them out and use TAPE! Is tape as popular in your house as it is over here??

Last year the kids decorated cardboard bookmarks with glitter and paint to give out as Valentine's & we had plenty left over! We paired them with the box of crayons and added a yarn 'tassel'! PERFECT PAIRING! When Roman got home from school today, we started to work on his MAIL BOX. He was sure to save his cereal box and knew that he wanted to paint it.

We used paper bags to create a plain surface for his creativity and then he set to work with stickers and markers before hunger took him over! After a short break, he plans on painting and gluing and adding some glitter as well!

What are you up to today??



Close to Home said...

what great ideas. come join our tuesday blog hop and share these ideas and your blog, twitter etc.


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