Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Pictionary!

Happy Groundhog Day! We came upon an AWESOME sale at TARGET yesterday and got Dry Erase Markers, Crayons and Boards for 2.50 on clearance! I bought 1 pack of markers and crayons, but lost out on the boards, when we went back today to another store to pick up an order I had placed they had more of everything! I quickly put 1 set of crayons, markers and 3 boards in the car for car trips! New car toys always bring excitement.

We paired the markers with some homemade flash cards (spelling words, easily drawn words and anything we could think of off the top of our heads) and our larger wipe board and we were ready to play! I pulled an hourglass from our misc. game piece box and we had ourselves a fun game to play! The kids LOVED it and we lasted almost 2 hours taking turns and not even keeping score!
After the family game was long over, the boys kept playing! Everyone seemed to be having so much fun with this concept that I was tempted to go back and buy out all the TARGETs in my area and save these to give as gifts!

Head on over to your TARGET for this STEAL!



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