Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! It is 7pm and I am JUST NOW getting home! What a busy and yet super fun day it has been! We have had so much fun at all the parties we went to and giving out goodies everywhere we hit! We made Bubble Necklaces with cute little 'Bubbly' tags!

The chocolate and sprinkles heart shaped lollipops were a total hit and chocolate covered strawberries for the teachers were absolutely perfect!

Rose-Scented-Sparkle Dough was perfect for the Littles and when I added in cookie cutters in a variety of shapes, they were perfect!

I brought fruit for the pre-k classroom and a straw makes the perfect skewer! Top it off with a foam heart sticker! 
My husband even got fruit and choco covered fruit!

The kids absolutely delighted in drinking their milk from plastic drink flutes! We even had some donuts left over after taking some over to daddy's work for his employees!

We had fun making coasters for the school parties!

Did you know a little chef in the kitchen always makes it all go faster?!

Cutting Hearts out of felt to go with our Valentine Stories that we read at night!

Place Setting at the K-6 Party!!!
Iced Sugar Cookies, Place mat & crayons, bubble necklace, choco lollipop!

How was your day???



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