Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Have a Dream....

Dearest friends, I have a confession...I am a dreamer! My mind wanders off to parts unknown and conjures up the most wonderful of tales, adventures and ideas. I love them all and often times try to jot them down. I have 1 recurring dream that I have had the nerve to speak aloud, only to find out my husband has the same one!

My dream is to sell all of our belongings right down to the barest of necessities and to buy an RV. This would be our new 'home'. I would home school all 3 of our children on the open road. What better way to learn about the Presidents, than in DC? How awesome to not only learn facts about the Grand Canyon, but to BE THERE while reading? How about getting to know where the Oceans that surround the USA are, but dipping your feet in to them!? Oh what fun we could have as we travel the 50 states and stop in each state for a few months at time. No time constraints and nowhere to be...ever!

We live off our savings and supplement by working jobs as we stop. Imagine the people we would meet? The lessons we ALL would learn? Imagine how close we would grow as a family. Yes, this dream is not for all, but that's's my dream and I go back to it often. What a true adventure this could be! I'm not talking a few weeks, months or even a year...I'm thinking years and years as we truly take our time getting to know this great Country of ours. 

We would document our trips in a daily video casting and take our lessons outdoors as much as possible. We would be free of what is the 'norm' for a family and do our own thing. Together, we would redefine what is normal. We would keep a family blog to let others know where we are and people could keep up with us. The USA would be ours for the making of memories. No State too unimportant as we soaked up information everywhere.
Why does it have to remain a dream? why do I feel so pressured by society to conform to a 'regular' school and for my husband to keep his 'good' job. What's wrong with living on love, memories and experiences? I bet you any money that a life on the road for a few years would instill in my children a love of travel, a love of adventure and in fact teach them more than they ever could learn from behind a desk.

Yet here we sit, in the office as my children do their homework and I continue to dream. A dream that will never lead to anything as I live in fear. Our families would of course ridicule us for this absurd idea and others would wonder what on earth had come over until we have the gall...the ability and the desire to lead our own lives and answer to no one our lives will remain the same as others and yes, we will continue to be happy but will always wonder...what if?

This dream SCARES IS big enough!



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