Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Reading Fun!

How WE Make Reading FUN!

I have my very own book club! Yes, right here in our house :) As you know I love to thrift and whenever I see a well loved book from my past or one I see on future book lists for school I pick it up, even if it's multiple copies!

We have our book club meet once a week in our living room. A circle of seats is made, I serve up special snacks and we discuss the reading that we all did throughout the week. (My youngest gets read to from the book!). We talk about parts that made us happy, sad and anything that we have questions on.

My children LOVE that we do this and look forward to it every week! I even hand them a 'special' highlighter for their book so that they can mark anything that THEY think is important (this is sometimes quite fun to see!)

If you have been following my post yesterday, you will remember that my husband had been surprising me each morning with a beautiful flowering plant! As the weekend took over and led to an incredibly busy Monday, I watered my plants and talked of their beauty with him, this morning I woke up again to another wonderful plant. He is quite an amazing man!

Welcome to all of my newest followers!!



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