Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meeting Fun!

Whenever the kids hear that I have a meeting to go to, they get excited! They love hanging out with other children at the meetings while the parents chat & best of all they love getting stuff together to play with! I like to get creative with what we bring and make sure that whatever it is, it can be played with and enjoyed by multiple children without having to worry about it. 

Yesterday was just that day! We had gotten several large packages in and while the boxes made fun cars and boats for a bit of time, they were ready for a new life! We did not have much time until the meeting, so I couldn't make the road as we are used to (black tape & white crayon) and this cardboard was pretty warped. We decided to be quick about it and cut up everything in to strips and Roman did the dotted road lines. We made different shapes and parking lots and houses, garages and train track too. A little village formed and with the added felt water the town was ready to be played with and enjoyed!



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