Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

Lunches are so Fun to Eat when you have a place for everything!

Happy Monday! It's time for another week to begin & we are ready for it! We have a full plan of fun foods brought to you by every member of our family. This week everyone chose their favorite meal & that person will assist in making dinner!

Tea Party & Go Fish for the afternoon!

Our Menu This Week & Who Suggested It!
Monday by Mom: Meatball Sandwiches & Garden Salad
Tuesday by Roman (age 4): Chicken & Pea Pods served over Steamed Rice
Wednesday by Autumn (age 7): Ravioli & Fresh Baked Bread with Minnestrone Soup
Thursday by Gabriel (age 6):  Beef Sandwiches & Green Beans 
Friday by Mom: Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta tossed in Fresh Pesto
Saturday by Dad: Burgers, Egg Salad & Grilled Veggies
Sunday by the Family: Lasagna & Salad with fresh bread
We just went to see Big Miracle on Friday & the kids LOVED IT! I figured I would share my favorite movie tip with you! In order to avoid popcorn fighting in the theatre (and the RIDICULOUS prices), we buy 1 bag and bring ziploc bags! I give everyone their share when we sit down & then Daddy & I share the big bag! Enjoy!



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