Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Musings...

Good Day friends! This was a busy weekend for us, as always! My grandfather had surgery and much time was spent at the hospital, coming up with creative ways to keep children occupied in 1 place for many, many hours is always a bit of a challenge! At one point, scrap paper made its way into several pairs of binoculars for a fun and quiet game of I-Spy!

A small hourglass that is timed for 3-minutes made the BEST 'calm-down' tool. They took it to a quiet center of the room and watched the sand drip down. When it was done, they were able to join us again and were always MUCH calmer!

As Valentine's Day has officially come to a close, we have TONS of candy! What did you do with your stash? Ours is headed to Daddy's work for him to hand out to his employees and friends!



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