Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Enjoy Life...

Hello friends! I am so sorry that I keep disappearing, it just seems that as the year progresses I get busier and busier with school activities. I want to reassure you that our adventures and craftiness have not stopped, they are just not as well documented with everything that we keep doing. 
Friday was my birthday and so began Birthday weekend! A wonderful set of 3 days full of shopping, meals and so much fun.Yes, I am incredibly spoiled by my husband and parents, but I am forever grateful of all they do for me. I am truly Blessed!!
Have you ever noticed HOW MUCH children want to talk? They love to chat and chat and chat, no matter what the topic they are always a wealth of information. This past weekend I was saddened. My parents took me out for a birthday brunch after Mass yesterday and we noticed a family right next to us. EACH of the 3 children were on their phone (oldest was 12 at most, youngest around 7) WITH earbuds. What is the point of going out as a family if no one is really committed to being there. At first I was just confused as to why this would be happening and then I noticed that mom was on her Ipad. Wow...Come on World, it's time to PUT DOWN the electronics and spend QUALITY time with your family. How hard is that?? My children always have so much to say, that there seems to never be any down time :) How about you?



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