Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explore & Learn

We've recently taken to hiking in the State Park and other Nature Parks in the area after dinner and are finding this to be an awesome way of spending time together as a family and getting some of that after dinner sluggishness out.

A favored path is one where tree branch 'steps' lead a STEEP trail to the river front. The kids absolutely love this and my husband and I pray we all make it in one piece! It's quite an adventure, but everyone always feels excellent when we make it back to the top of the gorge. 
A small waterfall trickles down these walls as we climb down and it sounds so peaceful that we all manage to just hear the sound of each others breathing as we traverse on our adventure.
Having Daddy home lately has been such a Blessing, the kids follow him as though he were the Pied Piper and Me? I'd follow him to the end of the Earth of course!
My kids love to collect things and one of Autumn's collection is of course, leaves! She presses them in between contact paper and marks them on the date and where found. We then slip them in to page protectors and a binder!



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