Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday My Friends!! Yesterday was an incredibly stressful day for me and I just had to let go and Let God take over! My children of course had a half day on a day when I needed to relax the most! Haha. I  decided early enough that it would be simple Friday evening of taking in a movie, dinner out and just relaxing. Well, things never work out as planned right? The rain started pouring down early, but the time I made it in to the city to pick up my children from church it had turned to slippery sleet! The snow followed  quite quickly and it was coming down in blankets. I really dislike disappointing my children, but it had to be done. We picked up some sushi to go (meatless friday), stopped at Target for some essentials we knew we needed and picked up a new movie. Our Friday would be at home, but fun none-the-less!

Thursday was the final day for Box Tops to be postmarked and I of course left hundreds until the last minute! Good thing I have a small army at home to help me out! They lasted about an hour before it became boring, so I set them up with a simple art project of their own that they could do unsupervised!

A package of clothespins from the dollar store, some paints and glitter and they were OFF! They painted to their hearts content and we all finished our work at the same time. After letting them dry out over night, we spread them throughout the house to do duties wherever needed! Chip Clips in the kitchen, Oversized paper clips in the homework center, Magnets in the playroom...

How was your week??



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