Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking a Break...

This past Monday, I took my little guy out on a 'date'. We went to McDonald's early in the morning for breakfast and quiet time. Together we read from the Bible and then he played quietly at 'painting' me pictures. Did you know that Bingo Daubers are a child's best friend? They kept him entertained long after my tea went cold!
Next stop, was a bakery where he could choose anything at all that he wanted for his after dinner dessert and then he got to choose one for every member of the family. He felt so special doing this, that it must have taken him 15 minutes to decide what to choose for everyone!
Off to the park for some relay races and cone play! The way the wind was whipping, we had to stack the cones 2 or 3 high so that they would have a little more weight to them. The weather was perfectly warm, that darn wind just took away from it all!

The wind was way too harsh for water play outdoors but not INSIDE! I filled up the plastic sensory bin with water! He had so much fun scooping and pouring and then 'washing' everything. I gave him the remnants of hand soap from the bathroom and a washcloth to wash dishes. We had a tea party and then it was time to 'wash' them all up!
At the end of the night he helped me make dinner and was so excited to present the family with their desserts! We had such a fun day that I cannot wait to do it again with 1 of the other kids. I find it very important to give each child their own special day with mom, so that they can be heard & they can feel what it's like to have all the focus on them for one day. Let them choose the activities, the meals, make it all about them!



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