Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tip Tuesday!

Happy Day everyone! We have been busy enjoying this fantastic sign of Spring outdoors and celebrating in all we do. Walks, Parks, Biking etc. We are ready to bring on the nice weather with fun in the sun! What have you been doing outside? Occasionally with Spring weather, comes the rain and we have to be quick with activities to keep them from getting bummed that they are inside! (after the puddle walks OF COURSE!)

PAINT! My kids love to paint but the oldest CANNOT stand when her brothers mix up the colors! How do I keep the squabbling at bay? Egg cartons! I cut them up in sections, depending on how many colors they want and they each get their own.

Sensory Bin of Rice! A great way to practice letter recognition or spelling of sight words! I put letter tiles inside the rice and as they dig for the tiles, they look to see what words can be spelled with the found letters.



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