Thursday, March 1, 2012

Word Game!

If there is anything we love more than playing games, it's creating games! The kids and I make up silly games, fun games and serious games and through it all we are making memories. I like to buy games at thrift shops when they are under 2.00. If they have missing pieces then we throw the random bits and baubles into our game piece bins. These are absolutely perfect for supplementing missing pieces in games or for creating our new and fun ones!

Our latest game was to take the letter tiles from Upwords & a pack of sight words. We each pull a sight word and then spell it out. The trick is, that the game is played like Scrabble and must fit in to a spot where a word is spelled if the letters are touching. Because we are using the Flashcards we can play with the youngest one just as involved! He loves hunting for the letters in the bucket and then laying them all out as shown on the card. The PERFECT game for learning words, letters and family fun!

It's my Birthday Month! I am ready to begin accepting gifts! HEHEE!!



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