Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Jumbo Dominoes!

The kids absolutely adore checking out what Daddy has going on in the garage and usually end up with some fun little things that he gives them to play with.  One time it was scraps of wood and sandpaper! It took awhile of the kids sanding them down to come up with an idea. Jumbo Dominoes!

This project was so simple that I HIGHLY encourage you to try this one out! My husband cut down the pieces to size for us and we sanded them down. We rubbed on the dots from our craft stash and then protected the entire lot with mod podge! The youngest was a pro at the mod podge, since all it took was a foam brush and painting it on in any direction. You can see the size of them in my 4 year olds hand!

These are so much fun and when stashed away in a handled Lock & Lock box, they are portable and can join us anywhere! We love playing with them on the sandy beaches and taking them with us on picnics! They hold up well and even if they don't, it's easy to make new ones!
Here is one in comparison to a standard domino. I can honestly say, we do not have a problem losing these!! Enjoy!



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