Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Reading!

Can you believe that Summer Break is Upon Us already?! It's had me thinking that it's time to get a plan in order! Last Summer had us travelling Around the World and it was an absolute blast! I have something in the works for this Summer, but wanted something else to fill in the gaps.

When I came across this Summer Reading Program at Barnes & Noble, I knew I had found just the thing! Your child can read ANY 8 books and they earn a FREE BOOK in store! How cool is that? No cost to enter and you just have to read to win! They have a downloadable journal on their site and some activities for parents to do with them as well!

I of course had to get to work printing right away and the Littles and I had so much fun taking the journals one step further! We made covers that were personalized and then added in blank pages that they could use to draw on or even cut and paste pictures of the books they read. Whatever they want, as long as it keeps them writing and reading!
Join us on our adventure and we can chat once a week about the books our children read! I will keep a master list of all the books, so that we can get ideas from one another! In the Master List I will put the title, author, photo of the cover and the age of the child who read it along with a YES or NO recommendation! Want to make your own journal? HEAD OVER TO B&N , download one and then use the image above for the cover! You can leave it plain or edit it with your child's name using any kind of editing program!
Let's READ!!
How about the Mommies?! Join me over on GOODREADS and we can share just what we are reading this Summer and our opinions! Add me as a friend and let's talk books! I update it daily & have just started up a Summer Reading Group where we just chat books in general with no specific title in mind. Join me!!



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