Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I do What I do..

As my planner gets so full, that I have to add in post it notes for additional information on each day, I begin to realize how much of my time is already gone before it's actually arrived. A few weeks ago, I talked about MY CALLING and how long it took me to finally realize that I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. I LOVE being busy, it's exhausting, but I truly love being able to say...hmmm...I cannot get together until July near the end of the Month, because I am booked SOLID until then.  To be busy is a sign of LIFE, Vitality and LOVE! 

Creating Tags for our Rosary Favors for First Communion
While I may absolutely love helping out at Open Houses, Ice Cream Socials, Concession Stands and Bingo, there is one major downfall...FAMILY! Not my children and husband of course because they are right there pitching in, but extended family. I'm getting so frustrated having to hear complaints about how we never have time and snide remarks about how long it's been. What they don't realize is that having 3 kids in activities and in school makes for a busy schedule. They are always welcome to come to school events and the like but well....we all know how that goes right? Everything seems to need to be done on their own time or nothing at all. It's a weekly struggle, but of course I'm too busy to notice until it goes head-to-head with someone. 

Bagging Rosaries for First Communion Favors! Purchased from the School of course!
This week is First Communion and for the first time in a long time we will have families together and I'm sure ALL there (except my mother, who seems to be busier than we are!) will say at least 1 thing. My husband and I have taken bets on who will make a remark first and or what they will say and how many things will be said by the end of the event. We have learned to have fun with it, but it gets trying sometime. It has come to the point where so many people ask me WHY?!? Do I DO IT??? It's not like they pay me for all the time I give, it's not like I get rewarded for everything I do right?! So why give up precious weekend time? Why use all my gas for the carpool with no payment in return? The answer is simple...I do get paid, I do get rewarded! What? Huh? 
Yup, I get paid by them up there! My children, the children of the school and the community etc. Do you know what is worth more than gold? When my niece walks in to the cafeteria for just a simple Valentine Exchange and shouts "AUNT, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON EVER!!!" She leaps up and hugs me, because I have transformed the lunchroom. Yes, I could have left it as is and just showed up to supervise, but it's so much for memorable for all of us when you add a little bit here and there. When a little boy in my literacy program goes from not taking the tests AT ALL, to suddenly getting 1 or 2 wrong and then eventually that 100 PERCENT! It's amazing to see children realize they really CAN DO IT ALL!If you were to add up the VOLUNTEER hours that we have put in and put a salary on them, WHAT would the school have to get RID of in order to have paid for someone to be at Bingo, to scoop ice cream, to help parents get to Open House events? There is so much that volunteers do, that people need to realize just how much they are NEEDED! Do I need a resounding THANK YOU parade? Nope, I just need the smiles and hugs of my children and their friends. At these events, children come to me, confide in me and ask me for help. This is all I need, to let them know I am always available to them no matter what. 

So why do I do it? I once read that you should PICTURE who you want your children to be and then BE THAT PERSON! It sounds so simple right? Well it's not, but it's worth it when it starts sinking in. I've gone through a major transformation this year and you know what? I'm loving it! Over Spring break as we spent it at the school gutting and scrubbing an industrial kitchen, I got my biggest check ever. My mother showed up to help and she said: "Sweetie, I am SO PROUD of you!" Tears still come to my eyes as I think of how she said it and with so much feeling. She always knew what was inside of me, because she displayed it herself. It took me awhile to catch up, but I'm not letting go!



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