Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu Plan Monday! How I do it!

Welcome back to another week! I hope all you Mommy's out there had an awesome Mother's Day! I know I did! It was great spending a weekend with loved ones and of course getting spoiled myself! Now it's time to get back down to business as I plan out meals for the last week of school, can you believe it's here already?! I honestly feel like I am still trying to get in to Back-to-School mode! We have gardening and planting on the brain lately and are having a blast planting out herb garden. I'm a huge fan of container gardening as it gives children something to care for daily. We like one pot herbs and then we also do a traditional in the dirt garden. The best veggies come right from our backyard!

Most of my meals over the Summer are planned based on what is in Season and fresh at the moment. Whether it be from our own gardens or Farmers Markets I like to ensure that it's as fresh as possible when I can! Due to living in the Midwest we have a dark and cold Season that lasts so long, we are reliant on grocery stores. BOO! 
How do you plan your meals? For me it's my Post-It weekly pad and my day planner. I look at our schedule and what kind of meal would work that day. For example an active evening (family Zumba class) means an earlier and lighter dinner, a busy day at school where we get home from clubs late is usually a perfect day for a Sandwich bar in the warmer months or a crock pot meal in the cooler months. If we have too much going on we allot for a restaurant visit. If they have a particularly crammed week of testing, we try to eat earlier and make it a more filling meal to allow for study time and relaxing as the evening progresses. A lot goes in to how our meals are planned!

Now Let's share my Menu, since I've spent so much time chatting!
Monday: Curry Chicken over Saffron Rice served with Veggies
Tuesday: Egg Salad Sandwiches on Lettuce Leaves instead of bread with Veggie Soup (Homemade)
Wednesday: Pasta with Italian Sausage in the Sauce
Thursday: Quesadilla night with beans, rice and salsa
Friday: Spring Choir Concert with Family in town, out to dinner afterwards.



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