Monday, July 2, 2012

Material World...

My mind has been building this post for quite awhile and I figure today is the day to post it. I've been questioning how this Material World keeps getting worse and worse and before long I had the answer RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Notice that when you get a new car people are thrilled for you, they make a big deal about it and pat you on the back. Get a new home? Forget about it, there are oohs and aahs and wow and all of that junk, just like you hung the moon! New purse? Shoes? Clothing? It all gets attention and comments that are made to make you feel amazing!
How about when you tell those same people that you spent the day as a family riding bikes to the park, get some ice cream and then the library? Their eyes begin to glaze over and you get a small nod or smile of partial interest. 
I don't understand why material items are shown such glory and family time, togetherness is always seen as mundane and unimportant. Children hear this growing up, see this when they talk about their weekends and such and it is constantly shown to them that material items get a better reaction. A little girl in a new dress? The compliments don't stop! New 'fast' gym shoes for the boys? Yup, they get so many reactions, their smiles are endless. All these smiles then get turned around in their head. They begin to realize how they feel and put it together with the new items.

Have you ever noticed on Facebook that when you post about something you did with your family, you get halfhearted comments (if any) and a few LIKES on your status. Post a photo of something you bought and BAM, people comment and like and question about it. 

Let's band together and try to change what our children hear and see! Talk about how wonderful it is to see families out and about. Comment and Like posts on Facebook when people mention 'family time' that involves spending genuine time together. A parent that just took her kids to the library? Make THEM feel AWESOME for spending time that costs nothing with their children! Go on, WE CAN DO IT!
If we slowly start to celebrate TIME instead of STUFF, maybe we can change how people react to what we DO & not what we BUY!



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