Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Planner Secret!

I have a secret, I'm busy all the time! I don't know where my days go and before I know it, it's dinner time and I forgot to take something out last night to prepare. My days are endless from one errand to the next and sometimes I even forget things! GASP!!! I started keeping planners/diaries/Calendars everywhere! Once a month, I sit down with all of them to make sure they all match and 1 goes onto our school clipboard that hangs in the homework center. 1 goes into my purse and 1 goes to my husband. How do I keep them all organized with an ever-changing schedule?? DOTS! Sticker Dots that is! I write down events and times on them and if they get cancelled or changed, I can peel them off and move them or just stick on a new one over it! So easy and inexpensive! What works for you?



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