Thursday, July 5, 2012

On an Adventure!

This morning was HOT, HUMID and UNBEARABLE! We didn't even want to go out back to the pool but 1 thing got us moving today. A treasure hunt was in order for today! We were online reading some blogs and noticed an awesome post from Kitchen Counter Chronicles! She spoke about this little phenomenon called the Little Free Library!  Right away we were on a mission! We looked on their site and found some Little Free Libraries pretty close to where we are!! Time to go on a hunt!

First, we picked out books from our Goodwill bag, we were ready to donate a bagful, but now we knew where they were headed! Before sending them off, we put personal book reviews in each book, yes even I did it with the books I read! What fun we were about to have.

The first one was about 25 minutes away, so we loaded up and headed off with directions in hand! Once we turned on the right street, it was all about hunting it out. WE FOUND IT!! Look at how cute this little library is! We were so excited to find this new treasure.

The kids opened the door and looked all around, every book was like gold as they looked at each title. There were kids books, adult books, travel books and even some business books it had a little bit of everything! We took 3 and dropped off 5! We packed into the van again and headed off to the 2nd one that was supposed to be nearby.

WHOA! This one was only 2 minutes away! Though slightly smaller, this one was quite unique too! I love how each one is so different and full of wonder.

We all took turns digging through and looking at each book before we left with 2 and deposited 4. We have found 2 more that are about 1 hour away from the house but we will check those out next week. How wonderfully fun and exciting is this? We cannot wait to make one of these for our own home.



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