Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jr. Explorers!

Want to stay close to home but have fun? EXPLORE your backyard! Set up your little explorers with a 'home base*' stocked with:
bottled water
magnifying glasses
bug catching cups
butterfly nets
Walkie Talkies
A Camera
Small shovels
Collection Trays

and then let them loose on your yard! You will be amazed at what they find!!
*Our home base is just a small folding plastic card table that I can put away in the garage when not in use!*

My kids love to examine things and always have magnifying glasses at the ready! We have nice big ones that we keep indoors in the Science Lab but whenever I see cheap-o ones on sale or clearance, I always pick them up for the outdoors, their zoo packs etc. If these get broken or misplaced or even given to a friend, it's no big deal!

My youngest found and photographed an ant. The lesson he learned? WOW, they run fast! He had over 10 pictures on the memory card which just had the trampoline spring protector in them, because the ant got ahead of him!

The kids and their walkie talkies made me laugh! They would call one or the other over and when they got next to one another, they would continue to talk on them!

Exploring the garden turned into a harvesting trip! There were cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries ready to eat!

A little egg in a nest was spotted on a low hanging branch, I wonder what the future holds for this one!
Remember that fun is as close as your backyard! No need to spend money, just give the kids a little nudge and they will be entertained for hours! This simple water bottle with the bottom cut off + a small dish of soap and water bubble mixture offered so much entertainment, the neighbor littles came over to play too!



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