Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tiny Talker...AUTUMN

Welcome everyone to my newest weekly event at my blog! Tuesday's Tiny Talker is when I hand the camera and the computer over to one of my children. They will document what their favorite part of the day was or what they did, drew, anything at all! This is all about getting my children involved in my blog and not just being the subjects of it! It also encourages their writing and learning skills as they spell and type with the best of them! This week your host is Autumn, my oldest, my Princess, my 7 year old!
Hi, I am Autumn. Today is SCIENCE DAY with Mommy and my cousin from Mexico, Andrea. Mom made us a science lab outside and we mixed up stuff and made things explode and change colors.
We made tons of different colors at night time using the tea that mom drinks. We let it sit out all night to get all the colors we needed and then poured it into different water bottles.
My brothers just liked mixing up the colors but I liked making potions and perfumes. 
Mom always saves containers when she can but we got a lot at a huge science store by nana and grandpa's house. I love to go there the most.
This is my perfume I made from an empty science store bottle. My cousin and mom even say it smells really good. I put in mint leaves from the garden and raspberry tea mixed with a little other secret things.
I even got to make dessert today. It's chocolate pudding with fruit and sprinkles. Everyone liked it and wanted to eat more and more. This was a great day.
Mommy is back! Thanks for reading our post, my middle child will be doing next weeks post! If you have any questions about what else was in our Science Lab, check out the post I did here on my FACEBOOK PAGE! Are you a fan over there yet? Head on over and LIKE my page please! I post a lot more regularly there with even the smallest things that we have going on!



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