Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Space Fun!

We have just about finished unpacking 1 room and are having fun with decorations! WHAT??? WE MOVED??? Yup, sorry I have been MIA but it's been insane! I started working full time and out of nowhere found a house that we really liked and bought it. WHOA! Soooo you can imagine what the beginning of the school year + first job in over 10 years + brand new house and move equals. More on that later! For now, look at Gabriel's planets! These are from a glow in the dark kit that is so much fun to put up.

My sons love for space started at the library book sale when all these treasures were unearthed! He dove right in and even took notes and marked up the pages. He knew right away he wanted a space room!

This kit is so easy to put together but it's time consuming. My son didn't want the plain mobile look and to tell you the truth, the tacks that come with it are so weak, that my husband put them on flexible tubing from the home improvement store and suspended that with cup hooks. PERFECT! What other ideas do  you have for a space room?
These stars and planets are all over the ceiling and walls and even under the bunk beds. Could we find the perfect play rocket or shall we make one???? Hmmmm.....

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