Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Terrible Customer Service: At Your Service Heating and Cooling

Every now and then, a blog has to get the word out to warn other locals in the area about bad businesses. Unfortunately it is my turn to share one. This chilly weather has had us turning on our furnace earlier than I would have expected. Lo and behold, we had a problem! No worries, we purchased the home with a warranty and it's as simple as requesting a service call. Within 24 hours we had scheduled an appointment and we were ready to go! The man from AT YOUR SERVICE HEARING & COOLING was 1.5 hours late for an appointment in which I took the morning off from work. After calling him at 608-201-0068 he then informed me that he had 'totally forgot' about my appointment! I had to wait 30 minutes for him to arrive, which now made him 2 hours late. Sean from At Your Service Heating & Cooling was at my house less than 20 minutes, collected his money and claimed that all was well. Not even 10 minutes later do I hear the same exact problem and feel cold air coming out of the vents. I call Sean from AT YOUR SERVICE HEATING & COOLING in SOUTH BELOIT, IL and he informs me that he will attempt to make it to my house before 2pm. I have now taken an entire day off of work instead of just the morning. 
Get the job done? YEAH RIGHT!
2pm arrives and SEAN FROM AT YOUR SERVICE HEATING & COOLING in SOUTH BELOIT has not shown up. He alerts me that he will then be there at 5:30 PM. We arrive home at 5:20 and begin making dinner and the like. Before we know it, it is 6 and we still have not heard from AT YOUR SERVICE HEATING & COOLING in South Beloit, IL and I know that the city is not far from my home. Now he is just not answering the phone. We have now been calling non stop since 6pm through 8 and he has chosen to ignore his ringing phone and not show up to fix the mess that he had made. SEAN took the money and ran. 
Prompt Service? Is this a JOKE?!
I get to work the next day and guess who should call first thing? Ahhh yes, Sean, the money thief. We ONCE AGAIN arrange for another 5:30 meeting time. Well here were are RIGHT NOW at 6:34 and he has NOT SHOWN UP and of course is not answering his phone (608-201-0068). Which I know is a cell phone, heck if you get through to him because your number is not blocked tell him to call Michelle back and quit ignoring the calls if he is a professional! 

SEAN from AT YOUR SERVICE HEATING & COOLING, you get an F for Furnace work and an F for customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

This company is located in SOUTH BELOIT, IL and services (or steals from) homes in the Northern Illinois area. At Your Service Heating & Cooling, this is your chance to refund my money or FIX THIS FURNACE!




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