Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trickling On...

1. Field trip day with Mommy! 2. Fairy Tales do Come True necklace 3. Made my NYE headpiece! 4. At the Christmas Tree farm!

Is it Friday yet? Honestly, I don't know how some moments the days, weeks and months can absolutely sail by in a blur and then days like today can drag on so long that you begin to wonder if somehow time has stopped and you are no longer moving forward. I am having one of those moments right now as I blog from work. I should be doing things, working on stuff and making phone calls but instead I took a break to wonder if in fact time has stopped. It has been a busy week but a fun one at that. Looking back at my photos from the week I know that we made memories but I hardly remember the week as a whole! This week? Oh boy, I could recite every single minute since Monday. How odd is that? Has your week trickled or flown by?



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