Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!

I truly hope that you all had a Magical, Peaceful and Wonderful Christmas! We started a new tradition at our home and absolutely fell in love all over again with Christmas and the real reason for the Season! Did you know that McDonald's is open on Christmas?? We headed over there with a handful of games after dinner and had dessert and so much fun. We purchased meals for anyone that came in alone and enjoyed the company of strangers that quickly became friends.
Their smile say it all! It didn't matter WHERE we were, it mattered that we were relaxed, together and bringing joy to others!

I was hoping to share the photos of what my children cherished most from all their gifts this year and they are! Yup, they played more (and are STILL playing with the boxes more than the toys!!). Isn't it amazing how a box and a plate can become a plane and a steering wheel?!

A race car for racing Lightning McQueen while watching the movie.

3 Days later it's a train with covered caboose as he sits and watches his brother open birthday presents.
Day turned to night and the fun kept on going. Here they are waiting at the train station for the 3rd train to hook up! Big sister is coming with the other box train.
A school bus for his new friends!

This plane is going to be a boat!

A paper towel tube is just what is needed to make the steam engine complete on the train!
I am always AMAZED by what the minds of children will create!
My dear friends, let us all remember to enjoy every minute with our children!



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