Monday, December 31, 2012


The LOVE game!
This tiny little pillow has a way of making someone's ENTIRE day. Bringing a smile to my face or even a chuckle. This LOVE pillow was from a long ago Valentine's Day gift and ever since became the source of fun for us as a couple. We would hide it someone where the other would find it. Not necessarily would they find it the next day, but it would happen eventually. We didn't look for it, it just POPPED up. After recently finding it one morning, I knew the kids were all old enough to be let in on our little game. The first night was last night and this morning my Princess found it already and she cheered, smiled and showed her brothers. It's amazing what the little things can do!
She took off with it and it is already hidden somewhere in her brothers room! She said, I can't wait until he finds it and knows that I LOVE him!! Do you do something similar in your home?

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