Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Garland Fun!

Hello readers! What a day we have had in the crafting universe yesterday. I am in the process of planning a book exchange party! This week, I will post about the fun things the kids and I have been able to create using simple pages from a book! This truly killed me to do to a book but in the end I didn't feel as bad when I found this tattered book that was already falling apart. 
Our Library has a Used Book store where they sell their discarded books, when they have some that are too damaged, those books go into a crate that is all just given away. I happened to come across this beauty in that crate and realized that it would be perfect to begin making the decor for our Book Exchange Party.

These next jobs are absolutely perfect for the Littles. We snagged our basket of hole punches and set up on the couch of the living room in a chain! Roman pulled the pages out of the book, Gabriel and Autumn took turns punching them with different punches and Mommy did the sewing.
Everyone had their jobs and we worked while chattering on about the day. It was a nice and casual way to spend the evening and the best part is, that it turned out into something totally awesome that they can be proud to say they made!

The round ones were going to be our Garland. We plan on making loads more of these in order to decorate the 'book room'. This garland is so easy to make and it goes quickly when you are having fun! A needle and thread is all you need to get it going. The length of the thread doesn't matter because you can just stitch multiple ones together in order to make it longer. 
A simple stitch just goes right into each  circle linking one to the other as you thread it through and pull it down the length of thread.
You can leave them few and far between or group them together closely as I have in the top photo where the garland rests on my fireplace mantle for now.

The other punched pages will become confetti and table scatter to just place wherever we feel, this is such an easy job to get children involved!

As the week progresses, I will share the other activities I have for us to make together and all from using 1 free book!!! We will be making a table runner, popcorn bags, mini book decorations and so much more. Have you ever hosted a book exchange party? I plan on sharing all the steps leading up to my party and then the actual party as well. This will be a fiesta for both children and adults to come, enjoy and exchange. We will have word games and appetizers.

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