Friday, January 4, 2013

Flying By...

The final week of vacation has flown right on by and it really left me wondering "WHERE DID IT GO???" There was definitely not enough time to do all I had wished to do but at least we were all together. As mentioned before, we had a NYE party & in the adults bathroom, I topped off the vanity with this awesomely fun DIY soap bottle!!! I had hoped to spray paint the pump gold but time did not allow. This became quite the conversation piece.

Setting up snack and meal bars is such an easy way to promote grazing all day long for little ones (and adults) so that they do not each large meals, just smaller healthier ones throughout the day! Use a cookie cutter to make foods inviting too! This one is a star cutter used on cheese.

I made a gallery wall for all the Little's art work! They are always creating something sensational and I wanted them to know that I really think it's great! I am hoping to do up some photos of them with a little 'biography' to put an ABOUT THE ARTISTS page up on the wall too!

While playing outside we had high hopes of ice bubble but nothing was working. We definitely thought it was cold enough but alas when we went indoors to check, we realized it was 5 degrees too warm! Oh well, maybe next time. How was your week????

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