Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun in the...SNOW?!

We celebrated a fantastic birthday for our Princess yesterday and her choice was to head to the Zoo! In the SNOW! Well off we went and might I add that it was truly magical! We loaded up a bag with snacks and a large jug with Hot Chocolate! Last time we went, we spent over 20.00 on Hot Chocolate alone and we of course wanted more than just the 1 cup. This way we made our own, brought insulated cups with caps and we were all set. The wagon allowed the kids to each take turns sitting and warming up if the wanted.

We all had so much fun and it is definitely something we plan on repeating again soon! Snacks included. Do you bring snacks with you to places that allow it? We figure it allows us to save money, eat healthier and even do more outings with the money saved.

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