Thursday, January 17, 2013

How I clean

Without a cleaning schedule, I am lost. I would happily sit on the couch all day with my Netflix and call it a day! Wrapped in a blanket with a bowl of fruit, I may never leave the house again. This is why I MUST have a schedule, it keeps me in line and always allows me to keep the house clean. Since I have been working full time, husband & I would squeeze it in when we could and it left everything a bit crazy, especially since we just moved. Now that I am home again (and loving it!), I am able to put together a new schedule that works for me and for the house. I printed this out twice and I keep one copy in my planner and one on my fridge. I try to keep Friday's light because once a month my kids have a half day & I can still get my stuff done AND well...HELLO, it's FRIDAY! It actually allows me 1 free day to schedule a lunch in with friends or pop in and enjoy lunch with my children at school.

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